Deadline Looming for Non-Registered Pre-paid Mobiles

News Date: miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

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For those still unaware of the obligation to register their pay-as-you-go mobile numbers, there will be a nasty shock in store for them when on the 9th November their telephone companies by law, must deactivate their numbers.

Less than two weeks remain until all pre-paid mobile phone users will cease to have access to their numbers if they fail to comply with the new registration laws, by registering with their phone line operators.

The law, which came in to effect in 2007 post the Madrid train bombing, which shook Spain to its core on 11th March 2004, was passed in light of the bombs being set off by pre-paid mobile phones.

Since the aforementioned law came in to place, registration of pay-as-you-go mobile phones has been obligatory, however two years on, there remain to be in the region of twenty million of these phones in use, which were bought prior the 2007 legislation.

For this reason, the government feel it necessary to enforce the deactivation of the remaining unregistered mobile phone numbers.

A source reported, “To date, 12.5 million people have registered their details, but some 8 million have yet to do so and could find themselves automatically cut off if they fail to register on or before the deadline of 8th November. Operators are then legally obliged to deactivate any which remain unidentified.”

To avoid deactivation of any pre-paid mobile numbers, phones should be take to one of the phone operator’s points of sale and present a form of identification such as their DNI document, passport or residency papers, with businesses required to present their fiscal ID card.

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