Development for Homosexual Seniors in Planning Stage

News Date: jueves, 01 de octubre de 2009

Development for Homosexual Seniors in Planning Stage
Development for Homosexual Seniors in Planning Stage

There are currently contrasting opinions relating to a new development aimed at LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) clients being built in Torremolinos, seen by many as the gay capital of Southern Spain.

What appears to be just another development block on the coastline of this popular holiday resort, is actually a purpose built complex for homosexuals over the age of 55, encompassing the role of a care centre. Arco Iris, translated into ‘Rainbow’, will be the first of its kind in Spain.

Torremolinos has been a holiday hotspot for homosexuals for many years now and as the veteran gay rights activist, Antonio Gutiërrez, wisely put it, “You would think that all homosexuals are young, beautiful and healthy, but we get old too.”

He added, “It will help find a solution for the human dramas suffered by older homosexuals who often have a limited family environment to fall back on as their parents have died and they have no children.”

Opposite opinions are those similar to that of David Sedeño, the provincial president of the gay and lesbian association, Colega. He said “There is also discrimination in classrooms but no one is proposing building secondary schools for homosexuals. All steps must be taken within society, rather than increasing exclusion; that’s why we don’t believe these projects are helping.”

Other comments included worries that for many homosexuals entering into a conventional home for the elderly would be “like going back to the closet.” However it is still believed by some, rather than solving the problems these elderly people may face in later life, it will hinder them.

The jury is still out.

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