Marbellas Secret Roman Ancestors

News Date: viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2009

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With so many ex-pats, and international influences, it would be no surprise for most people to believe that Marbella’s answer to culture was a two for one Big Mac or a cut price English breakfast. Well it’s time to think again! A secret Roman past has been discovered in depths of Marbella’s history.

A recent find would suggest that Marbella was once a thriving Roman settlement! A road plan, remains of a statue and stone arrangement were all amongst the recent findings in an archaeological dig; providing new evidence of such historic Roman culture.

Although Malaga province has seen much evidence of Roman remains, the findings are a first for the town of Marbella.

These historic findings have been discovered by a group called Ciliana, whom are leading this investigation and dedicated to the exploration of Marbella’s history.

The group have called for the roadwork’s in the area to be delayed so they are able to carry out further exploration. A spokesperson for Ciliana was reported to have said that “this town has more surprises”

Although it is unclear at the moment, what the outcome of this request will be, it is likely that further explorations will have to be put on hold until the pipe laying project for the area is completed.

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